1st Andrew Park Composition Prize

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The mission for AP Composition Prize is to build a broader understanding between the traditions of the West and Korea through music and poetry. In the past, composers Isang Yun and Toru Takemitsu produced some of the most important works of Asian modernism, combining experiences of their own and Western cultures. The Foundation encourages composers of all nationality to continue in this spirit, bridging differences and finding deeper connections.

Theme for 2018

<The Lake>

My mind would dash and run
But my eyes, wind-washed, still meditate.

At times I invite swans, and unloose them;
Embracing the shores I weep at night.

As I ponder the shadow of a dim star,
Purple mist settles like a thinking cap.


<A Tall Tree>

Stretching to the blue sky,
Burned by time but standing tall-
Don’t put on blossoms in the spring.

Brandishing old spiders’ webs,
Fluttering on the path of an endless dream,
Your mind has no regret.
If you find dark shadows gloomy,
Tumble down into the lake’s bottom
Where no wind can shake you!

-By Yi Yuksa (1904-1944)-
-Translated by Peter H. Lee-

* Please feel free to choose one or both

※ Yi Yuksa (1904-1944) was a Korean poet and an independence activist. He is considered nationally to be one of the most important poets. His works symbolize the spirit of the Korean people during the Japanese occupation of the country.

 1. Deadlines

Applications, proposals, and scores must arrive by 11:59pm EST June 5th, 2018
(Results of chosen scores and proposals notified by June 30th, 2018 via email)
New works by the chosen composers must be submitted by 11:59pm EST October 5th, 2018

2. Eligibility: Students of any age and any nationality

3 .Prizes: $3000 in total

$2000 + a premier of your work in NYC
$1000 + a premier of your work in NYC
(Travel stipend of up to $300/person (within North America); $600/person (outside North America) and overnight hotel in NYC covered)

4. Prize Winners Concert: December 16th, 2018 (Merkin Hall, NYC)

5. Application Procedure

  • Complete the Application Form

  • Pay the application fee of $50 (PayPal link under application form)

  • Email biography, profile picture and a copy of your passport

  • One letter of recommendation by a musician related to composition or new music, emailed directly
    to with the title stating your name

  • Email PDF files of score(s) of one or two solo or chamber works that best represent you as a composer

  • Audio/video links to your work(s) recommended but not required (through application form)

  • Email a proposal (English strongly recommended; around 750 words) for a work to be premiered by the Andrew Park Foundation concert. The piece should be a new work, written for 3 to 5 (Western, standard) instruments with optional voice. The theme of the prize is music inspired by Korean poetry selected by the committee. The proposal must include aspects of Korean humanities (philosophy, politics, history, music, poetry, art, etc) that interest you or that you might want to incorporate in your music, and how they might relate to your own experiences and culture.

  • If chosen, a new, previously unperformed chamber work, around 10-15 minutes long, must be submitted by October 5th, 2018. This work must demonstrate some knowledge of Korean traditional music and the 20th century contemporary Korean modernism.

  • Chosen composers are invited to the concert and additionally give a short talk on their new works.

6. More information

  • We are happy to write an invitation letter for those who require a visa to come to the United States, however, fees will not be reimbursed.

  • To ensure fairness, judges will receive the scores anonymously.

  • Musicians who perform the new works will be chosen by the Foundation.

  • The Foundation has the right to all the recordings made at the concert. Composers are required to seek permission for the use of recordings.

Miro Yoon