[K-Beauty] K-Beauty Prep like a K-Pop Star

July 29 and August 1, 2017

Korean Cultural Center New York
(460 Park Ave., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022)

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite K-Pop idols do their makeup? Join us for two special workshops on skincare and makeup tips and tricks! Youtube beauty guru, Sydney Kim (@Sydneytoyou) will introduce some of the most beloved K-Beauty products and popular K-pop idols’ makeup styles. 


Everyone who joins will receive a free K-Beauty sample package!


Saturday, July 29 | 2 - 4 PM
(Free Program, RSVP required)

Prep like a K-Pop Idol

  • Learn popular K-Beauty multistep skin care routine from cleansing to moisturizing, and more

  • Blackpink Rosé’s cover makeup tutorial

You will receive a confirmation email a week before the event. 
Please note that the seats are limited and provided on a first come first serve basis. 

Tuesday, August 1 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM
(Free Program, RSVP required)

K-Swag Skin Care and Make-Up (for Men!)

  • Learn K-Beauty multistep skin care routine and K-Beauty products for men

  • Big Bang’s G-Dragon cover makeup tutorial

You will receive a confirmation email a week before the event. 
Please note that the seats are limited and provided on a first come first serve basis. 


The word K-Beauty is the abbreviation for “Korean beauty,” and it refers to not only Korean beauty products but also to Korean influenced skin care routines, techniques, regimes, and makeup styles. K-Beauty’s unique and fun products (like fruit shaped massage packs) and it’s nature-meets-technology ethos has been huge hit in the U.S.

The core concept of K-Beauty comes from an  individualized skin care regimen. Most people may know about the “double cleaning method” (which refers using two different types of cleansers for a deeper clean), but have you heard about the Korean 10 Step skin care regimen? It may sound extreme, but most Korean women use 7 - 10 steps (or even more) each day to keep their skin from aging and to maintain glowing skin!

Here is an example of Sydney’s 12 Step Skin care routine:

Step 1: Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Step 2: Cleansing Water
Step 3: Foaming Cream
Step 4: Exfoliator
Step 5: Toner
Step 6: Serum
Step 7: Cream
Step 8: Facial Oil
Step 9: Repairing Balm
Step 10: Facial Mist
Step 11: Spot treatment for acne
Step 12: Sun Protection

Korean makeup products are leading the beauty market. The most well known K-Beauty makeup product is the BB Cream (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm Cream), a multi-functional makeup cream that covers blemishes and evens out skin tone while moisturizing and protecting  the skin from sun damage. The BB Cream’s second generation version is the CC Cream (Color Correcting Cream) which has similar functions of BB Cream but in addition covers redness or sallowness of the skin. 

According to Mintel, an international market research agency, South Korea reached $13 billion in the beauty market in 2017 and is expected to grow at a 5.8% compound annual growth rate for the next five years, potentially reaching $47.2 billion in 2020. Korean beauty brands’ high responsiveness to trends, constant creative innovations, and globally influential products seem to be leading this international K-Beauty boom. 

“K-Beauty” may sound new, and terms like BB Cream or CC Cream may sound like a secret code, but, once you try K-beauty, the results will have you repeating the routine every day. 



Sydney Kim
Beauty |  https://www.youtube.com/sydneytoyou  |235K Subscribers +  19M Views
Lifestyle | https://www.youtube.com/fromsydney | 107K Subscribers + 7M Views
Instagram | @sydneytoyou  | 92.9K Followers

Sydney Kim is one of the most beloved South Korean beauty gurus, famous for her wildly popular YouTube channel, sydneytoyou, that commands over 235k+ subscribers with over 19 million views, and Instagram, @sydneytoyou, with 92k+ followers. Sydney also vlogs her lifestyle and travel musings on another channel, fromsydney, which has gained over 107k subscribers in just a year since its creation in 2016.

Sydney first started her YouTube channel in 2014 in London while finishing her Master's Degree in cultural and creative studies; she has since continued to attract subscribers with her easy-going charisma and friendly personality. Her channel is a top destination for her richly creative content, including makeup tutorials of K-Pop celebrity inspired looks and makeup product reviews, introducing K-Beauty to all her audiences. Her charm and passion have earned her many collaborations with popular brands such as Lancôme, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Innisfree, and more. 

Titled as number one of the nine chosen "Best South Korean Makeup Artists & Beauty Vloggers to Follow on YouTube" by Bustle, Sydney is one of the most sought-after content collaborators for major cosmetics brands. She has recently completed a makeup look for Innisfree with Yoona of Girls' Generation. Sydney's ability to connect with her audiences with her strong passion for beauty has garnered her avid fans all over the world, and more each day!




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K-Beauty Prep Like a K-Pop Star workshops are presented as a part of Korean Culture Day 2017 for July and August 

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