The Research Grant for
Overseas Studies on Korean Cinema
(Submission period: Feb. 24~Mar. 3, 2006)

Since 2004, Korean Film Council (KOFIC) has run the "Research grant for overseas studies on Korean Cinema". This program was launched to heighten international interest in Korean films, strengthen the foundation of the Korean film industry and related policies, and to promote international academic exchanges between people interested in Korean films.

This year, applications will be accepted for all the fields related to the Korean film industry, such as theoretical, industrial, policy, and technical aspects. Individual(s) intending to conduct a study on Korean film or industry can apply for this research grant program. The application process is open to all the nationalities. KOFIC will select two research projects and provide the winners each with 10 million won (approx. USD 9,000) for the Best Selected Project and 8 million won (approx. USD 6,000) for the Second Best Selected Project.

o Requested submission forms:
- The Research Grant application form (download) and an outline of the research
- An estimated budget (form to be created by the applicant)
- Previous research projects and associated certification materials (at least three examples)

o Outline of the research should include:
- The title of the research project, introductory notes on the research team, the estimated period that will be required to complete the research, an outline of the implementation plan
- Objectives of the research and its expected significance (need for, and originality of the research subject)
- Research contents and methods (feasibility and logic of the research, as well as in-depth details about the research's design, contents and methods)
- Planned usage of the research results

* All application forms should be completed in English or Korean.

The screening procedure will unfold as follows: a screening committee composed of 5 specialists will evaluate the feasibility of the research plan; academic, practical value of the project; researcher¡¯s ability, the possible usage of the result; as well as the suitability of the reference materials provided and the research's potential contribution to the academic sector and film industry. Based on the results of this evaluation, KOFIC will select and announce the winner.

o Following conditions also apply:
- Any research, which has already been published, or is in the process of being published by other organizations, is ineligible for this grant program.
- A report on the state of the research must be submitted at the midway point of the agreed-upon research period. The results of the research should be submitted once the research is completed. (When submitting the state of the research report or the final report, Korean or English translations should be included.)
- The researcher(s) should agree to any changes KOFIC may require following the evaluation of the research project, such as any modifications or additions that may need to be made.
- The research fund can be paid out in increments based on the characteristics of the research and the length of the project.
- Any false statements or materials provided during the application process may result in the cancellation of the research fund.
- In cases where important changes occur during the research process, such as a change in the composition of the researchers or any modification or omission of the contents of the research, the researcher should notify KOFIC beforehand. If such changes are made without first obtaining permission from KOFIC, the research fund may be withdrawn without notice.

o Of turning in the completed result
- Published format: If the result of the research is publicized when completed, either into a separated book or as included in academic journals, it can be considered as finalized work. Therefore, additional evaluation procedure can be omitted. However, even in this case, a summary of the research in Korean or English is required.
- Unpublished format: If the result of the research is finished and has not been in any publication yet, there will be a final evaluation by the juries. The finalized work should be submitted as the same language stated in the application form. If the language is not Korean or English, the researcher should prepare additional translated version for the screening.

We hope that many film researchers imbibed with a strong passion for Korean films will apply for this program.
Please find the application form attached below.

For any inquiries, please contact
Ms. Hawon KIM, Researcher
Policy Research Department, KOFIC
Tel) +82-2-9587-512
Fax) +82-2-9587-518