Jean Jo
Cuisine / Film / Kpop Academy / Spotlight Korea Program

Ext. 207

Hyo Han
Performing Arts

Ext. 210

Hee Sung Cho

Ext. 204

Hyung Eun Min
Facilities / Sports

Ext. 208


Yeon Ji Hwang
Library / Literature / HR

Ext. 203

Soo Jung Chung

Ext. 206

Mickey Hyun
External Relations / PR

Ext. 212

Hanso Lee
Creative / Media Content

Ext. 209


Kyung Hwa Lee
Education / Fashion / Project Manager

Ext. 205

Yesun Kim
Reception / Lecture program

Ext. 201



▪ Address: 460 Park Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10022

▪ Size: 8,753 sq ft

New York City and its guests can take advantage of our reference library and its more than 10,000 books, periodicals, and CD-ROMs covering a wide array of subjects in the arts and sciences. The collection offers a fine selection of contemporary Korean literary, historical, artistic, and political books, in Korean or English.Our homepage is designed to provide a computerized index of our collection for easy access to available resources.

Audio Visual Room
The audio visual room features videotapes, slides and audio CDs documenting virtually every facet of Korean culture. Information on Korea’s traditions, religions, handicrafts, folklores, architecture and musical theater are provided in audio visuals to enhance the indirect experience of Korean culture. The facility is also equipped with a wide screen and projector which enable visitors to view films on site. Most selections are provided in English, or include subtitles.

Gallery Korea
Gallery Korea offers a spacious exhibition space for Korean and Foreign artists. The gallery is a public forum of 2,000ft² for art exhibitions that promote cultural exchange by featuring artists of varied backgrounds and nationalities. Some exhibitions are held in collaboration with other institutions arranging intercultural exhibitions. Our ample space is capable to accommodate works in all media, from paintings, photography, sculpture, multimedia and video art. More information on upcoming exhibitions can be found on the events calendar on our website.