2018 OPEN STAGE: YeonHeeBonSaek (The True Color of Traditional Performance)

Friday, November 9, 2018, 8:00PM

Flushing Town Hall
137-35 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354

Tickets: TBD

YeonHeeBonSaek Performance at the Flushing Town Hall is co-presented by the Korean Cultural Center New York as part of KCCNY's Open Stage 2018.

Traditional performance combines dance with instrumental performance in YeonHeeBonSaek, or “The True Color of Traditional Performance,” and its ability to communicate with the audience makes it arguably one of the most sophisticated of Korean artforms. Buk Noreum (barrel drum dance), Janggu Noreum (hourglass drum dance), Tal Chum (mask dance), and Bupo Noreum (feather hat dance) are some of the most active forms of individual performance in both Jeolla Province and Gyeongsang Province in Korea. Currently, they are performed in different formats depending on individual ability and regional style. By featuring the most fundamental individual performance practices of each region, the show will demonstrate the highest levels of performance and dance.



Mungut, or Gate Ritual

Through the Gate Ritual, BEAT Production announces the start of the show, YeonHeeBonSaek. The first act expresses the hope of a successful performance.


Hyun Seung Hun’s Buk Noreum, or Barrel Drum Dance

Hyun Seung Hun, who has adopted the movements and rhythms of Honam, accompanies simple rhythms with subtle dance steps which ultimately culminate in an energetic performance. Through such maneuvers such as the crane stance, one leg step, and spin, he expresses Honam and Yeongnam’s complex rhythms and gestures through his body. Carrying the big barrel drum with ease without being restricted by form, his exciting buk playing and dancing will makes viewers’ heartbeats race.


Kim So Ra’s Janggu Noreum, or Hourglass Drum Dance

The diverse rhythms and dynamic flow of the janggu dance, showing off the Jeolla Province aesthetic, comes from Jongeup, the birthplace of Honam “Right Side” farmer’s music (Jeonbuk Intangible Cultural Asset No. 7-2). Showcasing the best of Honam farmer’s music and donning a conical hat, Kim So Ra demonstrates her wide range of skills through various traditional rhythmic patterns in a complete, self-sufficient performance. Through rhythmic tension and release, she exhibits the janggu’s charm and becomes one with the audience.


Heo Chang Yeol’s Mundung Buk Chum, or Leper’s Mask Dance

In this mask dance (Head of Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 7 Goseong Ogwangdae), Heo Chang Yeol plays shamanistic rhythms wearing a leper’s mask as he mourns his own misfortune. At first, as if has given into his frustration and despair, he expresses the pain of his suffering. However, he endures the pain and overcomes it, making a triumphant recovery. As if the drum is an extension of his diseased body, he plays freely with the rhythm while moving about, showcasing the style of Goseong Ogwangdae.


Joo Young Ho’s Bupo Noreum, or Feather Hat Dance

Joo Young Ho, the lead kkwaenggari (small gong) player, puts on a hat with a stiff feathered tassel and demonstrates his dance skills. He manipulates the birds’ feathers at will, spinning, stopping, puffing up, and recoiling. The movement of the bupo corresponds with the relaxing and tensing of the small gong’s rhythms which are complemented by his dynamic dance moves, displaying the true character and ability of a lead kkwaenggari player.


YeonHeeBonSaek, The True Color of Traditional Performance

Hyun Seung Hun, Kim So Ra, Heo Chang Yeol, and Joo Young Ho create a performance that everyone can enjoy together. As young performance artists, they wish to express not only their diverse and wide-ranging skill sets, but also their playfulness through this improvised work. This performance offers the artistry of collective performance while also spotlighting individual skill in pursuit of the quintessentially Korean performance practice.


Beat Production is a management company with enthusiastic sensibilities promoting performing arts culture. Beat: With a sense of unity, the symbol of Beat is to intentionally put both the artist and the senses to create one beat.

A Sign of Rain is a representative work that attempts to connect the public to the traditional Korean art of drumming. With no significant change to the meaning of the traditional Korean drum, Beat Production attempts to satisfy today's appetites and tastes.

In 2016, the creative pieces of A Sign of Rain and YeonHeeBonSaek both were performed at variety of stages. Four young and creative artists Kim So Ra, Hyun Seung Hun, Heo Chang Yeol, and Joo YoungHo and their Beat Production will continue to create more traditional Korean percussion and dance collaborations for today's public.



Miro Yoon