The 1st Korean Culture Day Camp

June 29~July 2, 2010, 11:00 AM~2:30PM

Korean Cultural Service NY

WHO: aged from 5 to 8 years old


I. Creative Drama for 4 Days!  
Korean Cultural Service NY will launch a Cultural day camp for Children this summer. This year’s theme is "Travel to Korea through Folktales: Let’s Imagine and Explore!"

Dramatic play is an effective and holistic way to meet different cultures, develop imagination, and communicate with others. 
This class promotes bridging trans-disciplinary strategies between drama work and learning Korean culture and language. Each day with different activities and Korean folk tales, we will explore various characters and Korea’s past and present through games, songs, movement, and theatrical performances. Imagine! What if you are the tiger in The Sun and The Moon? What if you are in Korea now? Let's play and have fun! 

Through this class children will develop their creativity, concentration, and cooperation skills as well as learn Korean culture and language.

• Eunju Na (Korean Language Lecturer, New York University, Drama Education Specialist)
• Chong-Ho Kim (Creative Drama Specialist, Instructor at U of Vermont, and Flynn Center for the Performing Arts)

II. Experience Korea through ink painting workshop 
Ink, paper and brush were very fundamental tools in learning and communicating in Korea. These workshops take the Korean traditional painting/writing materials as a departure to enhance students’ curiosity and understanding of Korea.   

Students will experience Korean culture by touching, playing and exploring the materials given. These hands-on workshops will focus on learning ink painting and applying it to create a collaborate work. Also traditional Korean paintings such as Minhwa, Four gentlemen drawings will be introduced. They will develop new ideas of Korea through looking at numerous unique images from Korean traditional paintings and magazines.   

• Seongmin Ahn (Artist, Instructor painting workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Queens Museum)

III. Yummy-Arts!
Art is not difficult but fun! Using ingredients from the food we eat every day, we can play and express our ideas. That is the Arts! 

Traditional Korean culture was developed based on a big family system. Most children today do not know what this means as they've grown up in a nuclear-family household. Who am I? Who are my family members? And what is my family tree? By teaching to think about family history and genealogy, the course enables our children to realize that they are living in multi-cultural environment. Each child is an individual tree in this forest that is our world that can share its fruits with others, which can open minds to new things.

Free from a conventional and standardized Arts education, children will have great fun playing with the arts, telling their own stories, and cooking their own unique recipes. This special experience will stimulate their curiosity and imagination, develop their sensibility and offer a chance for them to feel their artistic achievement. These children will then grow up as adults who love nature and their fellow human being who can take on any challenge in the future.      

• Kwang-rok Ryoo (Professor, Dept. of Beauty Design in Korea International University, Artistic Space Designer)

Miro Yoon