Screening: Noodle Road

March 12, 2010, 7-9PM

Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY

KBS America and KCS NY co-presents a special screening of episode one “Strange Food” (60 min) of the acclaimed food documentary series “Noodle Road” produced by KBS.  It introduces the variety of noodle dishes around the world, and explores the intimate relationship and cultural exchange of East and West by examining them.  It took almost two years to film, as the episode will show how the phenomenon of the noodle was adapted by both Eastern and Western part of the world.    

A special guest, the producer Lee, Wook Jung, will be attending the event and will make a presentation on producing the film and have a Q&A session.  The production won the grand prix Korean Broadcasting award in 2009 and the best documentary at the Asian Pacific Broadcasting association in the same year.  

The tasting of Korean traditional dish such as Jap chae will accompany the event.

Miro Yoon