Kimchi workshop: Simple kimchi from your kitchen

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 6 PM

Korean Cultural Service NY

Debra Samuels (Food writer and food stylist for The Boston Globe)

A meal without kimchi is unthinkable for most Koreans. Kimchi is spicy, yet sweet and is rich in seasoning—making it perfect with any meal. Kimchi is not only a flavorful dish, but it also has medicinal benefits. It aids in proper digestion and prevents various types of cancers. Kimchi is emerging as one of the most popular dishes in the world. 

In this kimchi workshop, Debra Samuels, co-author of the brilliant cookbook, The Korean Table, along with Taekyung Chung, will introduce simple recipes for turning a variety of vegetables into kimchi with considerably less fuss. The attendees will then have an opportunity to prepare their own kimchi and take it home with them. The more you know about Korean cuisine, the more you will enjoy it! 

Limited enrollment. Advanced reservation required. Call (212) 759-9550.

Miro Yoon