It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Korean Cultural Center of New York Website. Due to your continuous support, we have been able to rebuild our site in order to deliver convenient access to our resource and information. 

The Korean Cultural Center NY lives through the many artists and academics from Korea and serves as a platform to globally promote our arts and culture. We strive to offer the creative public a place of encounter, experience and knowledge in the world’s capital of media and culture, New York City. 

With specialized programs, sponsored events and various educational resources we are devoted to create opportunities for our visitors to embrace the Korean culture. For instance, our outstanding performing arts program is established to bring talented individuals to our New York audience; Gallery exhibitions allow artists to showcase their ideas; film screenings expose Korean movies and documentaries to a diversified audience. 

Your comments and support have given us the courage to achieve new projects and to build bigger goals for the future. Our new website is designed to affectively communicate with our visitors, and we are open to assist you with any questions or comments. If you have any inquiries please refer to our website on how to reach us, and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information on our events.   


Thank you for your continued interest and support and we cordially invite you to visit us at the Korean Culture Center NY for hands-on experience of Korean culture!


Thank You.

Yun Jeung Jo

Executive Director, Korean Cultural Center New York


The Korean Cultural Center New York (KCCNY) is a government institution inaugurated in December 1979 to establish and promote Korean culture and aesthetics in New York. KCCNY provides diverse cultural and artistic activities including gallery exhibitions, performing arts concerts, film festivals, and educational programs.

Gallery exhibitions are organized by Gallery Korea, a division of KCCNY, utilizing 2,490 sq. ft of exhibition space for various Korean, Korean-American, and international artists. Each year, more than ten exhibitions are held with 100 or more participants to showcase new and renowned artists.

KCCNY also engages in other performing arts events that introduce traditional Korean music, dance, cuisine, and fashion. In particular, KCSNY sponsors Korea Music Foundation and hosts concerts and recitals attracting annual audience of over 1,500 people. 

Not only that, KCCNY’s Film division is a dynamic part of KCCNY with increasing attention and support from the public. Korean Movie Nights were successfully held every month by introducing new Korean films at Tribeca Cinemas. The Film division also sponsored various international and local film festivals including NYAFF, New York Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival.

Furthermore, KCCNY manages its own library providing accessible information on Korean films and in depth information on Korean culture. The Library contains more than 18,000 books, magazines, and AV materials, and also publishes brochures and articles to advertise Korean culture. The foundation’s effort to educate and promote Korean culture is also enhanced through educational programs and activities such as art workshops and culture camps open to the public. 

By utilizing these ample resources and capabilities, the ultimate role of KCCNY is to reinforce Korea- U.S. relation by promoting Korean culture and values through diverse mediums.

Brief History

The Korean Cultural Center New York (KCCNY) is a government institution supported by the Korean Consulate General. The main objective is to support Korea and U.S. relationship and to promote information on Korean culture and aesthetics in New York.

KCCNY opened in 1979, recently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Despite the social stigmas created around the long history of Korea, KCCNY has successfully reached its goal in creating a positive and warm impression of Korea and its culture over the years.

For the past 35 years, KCCNY has focused its efforts on broadening the understanding of Koreans and the relationship between Korea and the United States through cultural and academic activities. In the earlier years, it was critical to utilize KCCNY’s capabilities to support Korean artists who faced many limitations in New York. Despite its limited space in the past, KCCNY eagerly hosted as many shows as possible to showcase talented individuals. These opportunities eventually opened more doors to Korean artists. Nowadays, KCCNY is equipped with improved facilities and strong relationships with global institutions and local organizations here in New York. Therefore, more opportunities are provided to these artists at different venues and occasions, and we are successfully able to raise awareness of Korea and its culture through these opportunities. 


New York Korea Center

On June 28th, 2018, the Korea Cultural Center New York held the official Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New York Korea Center, which will be the new home of KCCNY at its opening in 2020.

With a new beginning at the New York Korea Center, KCCNY will be able to provide a newly expanded platform to operate more comprehensively to serve the New York community and be a part of its vast cultural spread. It will serve as a multiplex cultural hub for audiences that provides a window into Korean art, music, film, history, language, literature, and cuisine.

The design of the New York Korea Center embodies the modern Korean sensibility of innovation in harmony with tradition. A multi-layered glass facade creates a screen wall that illuminates three sculptural figures within - composed of polished ceramic, rough terracotta, and milled wood - representing Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.

The iconic figures embrace the building’s three distinct zones: soaring public spaces, semi-public cultural lecture rooms and the library, and administrative offices.

The New York Korea Center will be a valuable venue for promoting cultural exchange and enhancing mutual understanding between Korea and the United States. The Center will be located at 122 E. 32nd Street in New York City.

We hope that you will look forward to our grand opening in 2020!

A korea in new york

[Visit    for a full listing of events.]

[Visit for a full listing of events.]

“A Korea in New York” is our collective slogan that we launched in 2016 that encompasses our aims to promote Korean contents to the communities in New York and the surrounding areas in the most impactful, effective way possible. 

We want to present Korean contents consistent manner and in a way that makes cultural contents localized and valuable to the community.


+ Why do we need a slogan?

Although some specific aspects of Korea such as IT technology, Korean cuisine, and K-pop are increasingly popular, the overall level of awareness of Korea and its various cultural and creative contents are yet low.

There is a need to create powerful, synergistic partnerships to better effectively promote Korea and Korean contents as vibrant, accessible, and relevant.

We want to proactively share “Korea” in a way that best contributes and gives back to the communities of New York as well as the entire US.

“A Korea in New York” is the winning slogan selected from the NAME YOUR KOREA competition. 


+ What do we mean by “Bringing One Korea Closer To You?” 


1) A singular, UNIFIED KOREA made stronger through partnership and alliance (i.e. consistency) 

1) An organic BLENDING with mainstream US culture; giving back to the community and creating shared values 

1) An AUTHENTIC yet CREATIVE Korea, maintaining tradition while embracing new creative fields; creation of a set of BEST PRACTICES to be used and spread globally 


+ How are we using the “A Korea in New York” slogan?



Jean Jo
Cuisine / Film / Kpop Academy

Ext. 207

Hyo Han
Performing Arts

Ext. 210

Hee Sung Cho

Ext. 204

Hyung Eun Min
Facilities / Sports

Ext. 208


Yeon Ji Hwang
Library / Literature / HR

Ext. 203

Soo Jung Chung

Ext. 206

Mickey Hyun
External Relations / PR

Ext. 212

Kyung Hwa Lee
Education / Project Manager /Spotlight Korea Program/ Fashion

Ext. 205


Yesun Kim
Reception / Lecture program

Ext. 201



▪ Address: 460 Park Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10022

▪ Size: 8,753 sq ft

New York City and its guests can take advantage of our reference library and its more than 10,000 books, periodicals, and CD-ROMs covering a wide array of subjects in the arts and sciences. The collection offers a fine selection of contemporary Korean literary, historical, artistic, and political books, in Korean or English.Our homepage is designed to provide a computerized index of our collection for easy access to available resources.

Audio Visual Room
The audio visual room features videotapes, slides and audio CDs documenting virtually every facet of Korean culture. Information on Korea’s traditions, religions, handicrafts, folklores, architecture and musical theater are provided in audio visuals to enhance the indirect experience of Korean culture. The facility is also equipped with a wide screen and projector which enable visitors to view films on site. Most selections are provided in English, or include subtitles.

Gallery Korea
Gallery Korea offers a spacious exhibition space for Korean and Foreign artists. The gallery is a public forum of 2,000ft² for art exhibitions that promote cultural exchange by featuring artists of varied backgrounds and nationalities. Some exhibitions are held in collaboration with other institutions arranging intercultural exhibitions. Our ample space is capable to accommodate works in all media, from paintings, photography, sculpture, multimedia and video art. More information on upcoming exhibitions can be found on the events calendar on our website.



Getting Here

By Bus

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  • M30, Q32 to Park Ave. and 59th St.

By Subway

  • 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R to Lexington Ave. and 59th St.

  • E, M to 5th Ave. and 53rd St.

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Parking Information

Garage: 58th St. Between Park Ave. and Lexington Ave.
Street: Available after 7 PM on Park Ave. / Between 57th St. and 58th St.


460 Park Avenue, 6th Floor (at 57th Street) New York, NY 10022



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