Launching a Fun Korean Lesson Trip Tour Package by Korea Tourism Organization

Energized by K-POP’s and K-Drams’ increasing popularity, it has significantly increased in not only a traditional market of studying abroad to Korean undergraduate and graduate schools but also a new market of short and mid-term Korean language training.

Keeping pace with the current trend, the Korea Tourism Organization and the Institute for International Education affiliated with Kyunghee University jointly launched a tourism package named “Fun Korean Lesson Trip (FKLT), connecting Korean lessons and a home-stay program. The FKLT is designed for 6 nights and 7 days: all participants in FKLT will take Korean lessons using K-Drams and K-POPs from 9am to 1pm for 5 days at the Institute for International Education in Kyunghee University. In the afternoon, participants will enjoy free trips, and in the evening, they will lodge in the “Koreastay,” a home-stay program certified by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Because FKLT provides chances to share a friendship in the romantic Korean university campuses with students from all around the world and to experience “Korean affection” in typical Korean families, it has gained continuing popularity.

This year, the 4 sessions will be during summer and winter vacations. And in order to celebrate the opening of the FKLT, the Korea Tourism Organization provides all participants with either a Korea Cooking Class or a Korea Pass (20,000 won), which can be used in any Visa card member store.

In addition, since it is the first year for overseas marketing, in order to celebrate the opening of the “Koreastay” website in Chinese, the Korea Tourism Organization is providing a “Non-Verbal” performance ticket (1), a Cooking Korean Food Experience ticket (1), Korea Passes (20,000 won), and a variety of presents for the first 100 tourists who stay in Korea for 5 days or more (

This is a great opportunity for tourists who plan to travel to Korea. (Detailed Inquiries: Korea Tourism Organization New York Office at 800-868-7567 or