Application Guideline

1) Grant Program Overview
To pay tribute to the generations of Asian-Pacific Americans who have enriched America’s history and culture, Korean Cultural Service NY will launch the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration Event Grant Program. Korean Cultural Service NY will send 1~4 Korean traditional dancers or musicians to selected American public organizations in the tri-state area to perform at Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month celebration ceremonies hosted by applicants. This program is designed to engage and raise awareness about interesting cultural facts of Korea to the local community specifically through traditional music and dance performances during the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

2) Applicant Eligibility
American public institutions such as governmental agencies at town, county, city, state, federal level, K-12 public schools, and universities in tri-state area hosting the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month celebration ceremony and wanting to feature Korean traditional performances as a part of the ceremony are eligible to apply for this grant program. Korean artists themselves are not able to apply but they are welcome to encourage their hosting organization to apply for this grant.

3) Performance Schedule and Venue
The performance schedule will fall in line with the hosting organization’s event date during Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month which is from May 1 - 31, 2012. The applicant organization should arrange a venue for the performance. Korean Cultural Service does not offer a performance venue or support the rental fee.

4) Performance Genres and Performers
Performance genre is related to Korean traditional performing arts. Korean Cultural Service recommends applicants to select from among the following performing arts categories, all of which are available from Korean Cultural Service performing arts groups.

Korean Traditional Music
● Poongmul & Samul-Nori (drumming)
● Gayaguem or Geomungo (string)
● Haegeum (fiddle)
● Dae-geum or Piri (flute)
● Minyo or Byung-Chang (voice)

Korean Traditional Dance
● Buchae Chum (Korean fan dance)
●  Sogo Chum (small hand-drum dance)
● Jangu Chum (hourglass-shaped drum dance)
● Tae Pyeong Mu (dance of peace) 

Performers will be carefully screened and selected by the Korean Cultural Service NY. However, applicants can also make a suggestion in an application form if they wish to work with a specific Korean traditional performing arts group.

5) Performance Budget
The artist fee and transportation costs for performers provided by Korean Cultural Service will be fully funded by the Korean Cultural Service NY. For performers which the application group arranges, Korean Cultural Service will support up to $1,000. Additional costs must be covered by the applying organization.

6) How to Apply
All correspondence and application forms should be addressed to:
Korean Cultural Service New York
460 Park Avenue 6th Floors, New York, NY 10022
Fax: (212) 688 8640

Please submit the applications by March 30th, 2012, 5PM. Selected applicants will be notified individually via telephone or email after the selection process.

7) Disclaimer
All information contained in this document was correct at the time of publication. However, the Korean Cultural Service NY reserves the right to make changes if circumstances dictate otherwise.

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