Bored with Hollywood?

Korean Comedy Can be Your Remedy!

Foxy Festival: Are Your Neighbors Ordinary?

By MyungJi Chae



If we do S&M, do we go to hell?” “…I’m not sure.”

Have you ever listened to the faint noises your neighbors make at night? Have you ever indulged yourself in your private fantasies? S&M, a dildo and a sex doll; these seemingly inappropriate and provocative subjects are often considered a “taboo” in public talks. Well, not in Foxy Festival’s eyes; we find them perfectly acceptable. Selected by the New York Asian Film Festival 2011, Foxy Festival, will knock at the doors of your fantasy world.

Ordinary neighbors, extraordinary fantasies.


Am I that good, or what?


You can sleep with me at least once, cant you?

Jang-bae is a detective in a small town. He is proud of his job but his girlfriend doesn’t seem to agree. Soon-sim makes Han-bok, Korean traditional dress. She is an elegant woman and a mother. However, after she accidentally found a huge ladder whip at Gi-bong’s hardware shop, her heart trembles. Soon-sim’s daughter, Ja-hae is an attractive high school student who is in love with a mysterious fishcake man, Sang-doo, who is obsessed with his doll partner. Ja-hae’s high school teacher, Gwang-rok, has a secret fetish in lingerie and he finds pleasure in wearing them.

Even my friend studied in the US recognizes my package!”

Yes, America recognizes your size. On June 8th, Foxy Festival (2010) was screened at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater. Despite the rain, many people showed up to watch the premiere. Susan, Brittney and Lisa were a few of them. Surprisingly, this was not their first time at the festival they watched the directors previous movie Like a Virgin (2006). “We watched a Korean movie at a film class. We liked it a lot. Today, we expect to see something crazy and funny that we can’t find in American movies.”

While many American fans were eagerly anxious, a part of me was wondering if they could understand Korean humor. Despite my worries, the audience burst into laughter as soon as the movie began. “The best scene was when the S&M couple finally came out of the street in a daytime,” said Doug. “I don’t like movies with always happy ending, like Hollywood movies. I usually watch dark gloomy Asian thrillers, but this time I tried a different genre.”

As the movie reached the climax, the audience was completely immersed in the movie and found themselves empathizing with the characters. When the S&M couple came out, the audience clapped and cheered for them loudly. Mathew and his girlfriend were not an exception. Although it was their very first encounter with a Korean movie, they thoroughly enjoyed it. “Our favorite scene was when they meet at the public park and start to fight. We will definitely watch other Korean movies in the future.”


Gi-bong, let’s go to hell!”

Vividly colored and dramatic, Foxy Festival is an epitome of a sexy comedy. Its characters are odd, but they add just the right amount of fun and pleasure into the plot. The characters fall into several troubles but in the end, they find true happiness by opening their closets and communicating with the world they live in. With a well-balanced taste of romance, sweetness, and humor, Foxy Festival leads its viewers into an erotic fantasia.